Frank Gonzales

Frank Gonzalesí astounding work places him at the forefront of the Young American Realists movement. His subtle yet bold and inventive reinterpretations of classic subjects can be interpreted in many ways.

Gonzales was born in Tempe, Arizona where he received classical training in the arts. After four years of training under master painter Jim Garrison, Gonzalesí exceptional talent was rewarded with a scholarship to the Laguna College of Art and Design.

His technique and application of paint bring forth an ethereal presence almost invoking a state of mediation. The viewer feels drawn into a silent but very detailed conversation with the work.

Gonzalesí influences range from the Old Masters to the Modernists. First he attains a sense of depth and ambiguity through flat strokes of color that give the viewer almost a two- dimensional field. He then gracefully builds intensity and depth through varying washes and layers of paint.

Annas and Cyclamens
20 x 16in.  Acrylic

Additional Artwork

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Frank Gonzales - Blackburnian Warbler and Epiphyllum  

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Frank Gonzales - Meadowlark and Primrose  

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