Kevin O'Grady

Kevin O'Grady is the originator and innovator of the Vortex technique in borosilicate glass marbles. He has taught and demonstrated the technique in classes and public forums for almost two decades. The Vortex design is now a design standard in borosilicate marbles. Kevin's work can be identified by his exlcusive signature murrine cane found on each marble he makes. All of his work is signed and dated in this way since 1998. O'Grady's work is coveted by collectors all over the globe.

Bright Yellow Dichroic Vortex Marble
1.5 x 1.5in.  Lampworked Glass

Additional Artwork

Kevin O'Grady - Bright Yellow Dichroic Vortex Marble  

Kevin O'Grady - White & Blue Dichroic Vortex Marble  

Kevin O'Grady - Rainbow Current Barrette