Aydemir Saidov

Aydemir was born in 1979 in a small city in a southern Russia. His father Seyfulla Saidov was an award winning artist, member of the prestigious Union of Russian Artists, and leader of the local art community. At 11, he was accepted into a special school for gifted children. Aydemir became the star of the school and won all competitions and juried shows that children were allowed to participate in. In 1994, Aydemir was accepted into the Krasnodar Art Junior College and continued to win juried shows and competitions. He graduated with honors and was accepted as an outstanding talent into the St Petersburg Academy of Fine Art. In 2005 he won a countrywide competition of student drawings and received First Prize and special accommodation.
Two years later, he received an offer from Christie's Fine Art Auctions of London to cooperate with them. In 2009 Aydemir's work was exhibited in the Romanov Fine Art Museum of the city of Kostroma. Then in 2010, he was invited to the famous St Petersburg Union of Artists to show his nude and semi-nude figurative paintings. He was chosen for the 2011 exhibition "Artists of Russia to Watch." In 2013, he was exhibiting alongside most the important Russian figurative artists. Paintings by Aydemir are now in museums in Russia as well as in private collections in the UK, the US, Germany, China and several other countries.

Peaceful Moment
28 x 32in.  Oil

Additional Artwork

Aydemir  Saidov - Peaceful Moment  

Aydemir  Saidov - Innocence  

Aydemir  Saidov - Muse  

Aydemir  Saidov - Light Wind  

Aydemir  Saidov - Day Dreaming  

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