Fabiola Martinez



Fabiola Martinez was born in Mexico on November 26, 1979. She earned a degree in architecture from the prestigious school: Institute Tecnológico de Querétaro, which is a part of Mexico’s National Institutes. The university promotes a strong sense of national community with an emphasis of strong traditions of academic painting training. 

Fabiola moved to Canada, several years later for study.  She met her husband and now considers both Mexico and Canada her home.  She currently resides in New Brunswick, Canada with her husband and two sons. 

Fabiola is interested in natural resources and the preservation of ancestral techniques in her artwork. 

Recently, she is exploring the use of a natural dye Cochineal (Dactylopius coccus) derived from "carmine", a pigment produced by a female insect that grows on a cactus only in Mexico and South America.  By using Grana Cochinilla, she is preserving an ancient technique that does not harm the environment and is beautiful in its natural way. 

Her work focuses on creating compositions with natural objects of her native Mexican roots with her present life in Canada.  The creation process is based on the ecosystems in our world and the patterns that can be found in it such as symmetry, repetition, the golden rule and the natural movement of water. Her cityscape paintings are vibrant with rare colors and hues, which she uses masterfully.  Martinez’s work is highly sought after in Canada, Mexico, South America and the US.