Dmitri Danish



Award winning artist, Dmitri Danish is at an exciting time in his career.  With several museums in both Europe and the U.S. purchasing Dmitri Danish's work, he finds himself fulfilling a dream that began as a child. Considered a prodigy, Dmitri Danish completed his first painting “Old Man Saves Rabbits During Flood,” based on a children’s story, before the age of 10. 


Born in the Ukraine in 1966, Dmitri Danish entered Kharkov State Art College at only age fifteen. After graduation, he became an art teacher and designed sets for operas.  Danish was accepted into the prestigious Union of Ukrainian artists and he started to have exhibitions in the Ukraine, Russia and other European cities.


In 2000, The Kharkov State Museum of Fine Art conducted a solo exhibition of Danish’s works and three of his paintings were purchased for their permanent collection.  That same year Dmitri Danish began to have showings in the U.S. and The New Jersey Museum of Modern Art purchased three paintings as well.  


Dmitri Danish’s work has a style of dreaming and realism of some of the best-loved cities in Europe.  He takes the viewer on a trip to a small corner café in Venice or a small street in Rome.  His paintings have a surprise and that is Dmitri’s hope. “I want people to be happily surprised,” says Danish. “I hope they will feel the same emotion I felt when looking at the place and while I was painting the painting.”

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Dmitri Danish: New Works
February 1 - February 28, 2018
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